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The New Camry – Luxury Beyond Excellence.
The Toyota Camry is equipped with not just functional features, but a beautiful mix of smart, pleasant elements designed to take every journey well beyond the road.

Toyota Camry fabricates new horizons in the league of premium luxury cars. The exterior of the new Toyota Camry has been refurbished with an enlarged wheelbase and width to accord a sportier look. One of the best designed luxury cars, Toyota Camry has been a favorite of the customers.

Design and Interior
The outdoor of Toyota Camry is aesthetically styled with an impressive frontal, High Intensity Discharge headlamps. The front grille has been fashioned with the emblem of Toyota. The inside of the car is fabricated with alleviating color scheme and state-of-the-art accessories. It offers enormous leg-room for both front and rear seat passengers. The computer fluid dynamics of Camry slaughters wind resistance, curtails wind noise at high speeds and enhances fuel economy.

Toyota Camry has convenient storage spaces in the cabin, and the good thing is that they never interfere with the flair of its interiors. The color scheme of its interiors ensures a soothing experience every time you enter the car. The leather-wrapped steering wheel enhances the appeal of the richly appointed interiors. Expansion of wheelbase has resulted in more interior space.

Toyota Camry has been powered by a petrol engine that exudes a maximum power of 104kW @ 5600 rpm. A 2.4L VVT-i gasoline engine emitting a maximum power of 167 PS @ 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 224 Nm @ 4000 rpm has also been centered in the car.

The manufacturer has loaded Toyota Camry with advanced safety features, like Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD), dual SRS airbags and front and side impact protection to dispense maximum safety and complete peace of mind to its occupants.

Best car hire prices - Guaranteed!

  • Local (Chennai) - Car Rental Information

  • Package-A: ₹ 4,000.00 (4 Hrs/40 Kms)
  • Package-B: ₹ 7,500.00 (8 Hrs/80 Kms)
  • Additional Km: -
  • Additional Hour: --
  • Outstation - Car Rental Information

  • Rate per Km: -
  • Driver Bata: -
  • Parking/Toll/Permit/Tax: -
  • Minimum Kms: -
  • Car Type

  • Class: Luxury
  • Seating Capacity: This car has 4 seats
  • A/c: This car has air conditioning
  • Packages

  • Chennai to Tirupati - A: -
  • Chennai to Tirupati - B: -
  • Navagraha Tour: -
  • Sabarimala - A: -
  • Sabarimala - B: -
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  • Jaguar XF Luxury Car for Rent

    Having introduced a host of new technologies for the 2012 Model Year and following the two new highly-efficient forced induction petrol engines announced earlier in the year, Jaguar is once again broadening its global product offering and improving customer choice with its 2013MY XF and XJ ranges.

    The acclaimed eight-speed ZF automatic transmission first introduced to the XF range last year to complement its smooth, powerful turbocharged diesel engines is now made standard across the entire XJ and XF range for all petrol and diesel powerplants. The eight-speed transmission is allied to Jaguar's Intelligent Stop/Start system on all turbo diesel and V6 and V8 petrol engines (market dependent).

    "The engineering target in developing the 2013MY XF and XJ powertrain range was to optimise efficiency and enhance choice, while never compromising the effortless performance that is an inherent and vital characteristic in all our cars. Through intelligent use of forced induction, eight-speed transmissions and, where appropriate, Stop/Start technology, each derivative in the new XF and XJ ranges meets that enhanced efficiency goal while offering the performance thrill expected of a Jaguar." Ron Lee, Group Chief Engineer, Powertrains, Jaguar Cars

    Following its introduction on the 2.2-litre i4 and 3.0-litre V6 Turbodiesel engines for 2012MY XF saloons, the eight-speed ZF transmission is now extended across the entire XF and XJ ranges for the 2013MY offering better economy, reduced emissions and smoother acceleration compared to the previous six-speed equipped models.

    For all installations the transmission's operating software has been specifically tuned to ensure it perfectly matches the power delivery of the engines to which it is mated and offers the sporting feel, precision and smooth shifting expected of a Jaguar.

    With both a wider spread of ratios and more even spacing between them, the gearbox provides more seamless acceleration both from rest and when overtaking, while fuel consumption at high speeds is reduced. Gearshifts are executed in just 200 milliseconds while driver intervention is possible through the use of steering wheel-mounted paddles which allow multiple downshifts, allowing the desired gear to be selected almost instantaneously.

    The use of lightweight, compact components including a rear differential with an aluminium casing means there is no weight or packaging penalty when compared with the outgoing six-speed models, while efficiency is improved through the use of an improved pump design and greater control of the gear elements.

    Offering further efficiency improvements is Jaguar's Intelligent Stop/Start system, which is now fitted - according to market - to all diesel engines and the V6 and V8 petrol units. The system is able to shut down the engine in just 300 milliseconds after the car has come to a halt, allowing for fuel consumption improvements of around 5%.

    No driver intervention is necessary; a complex system of control algorithms govern when the Stop/Start should function according to a number of operational parameters including engine, ambient and cabin temperatures, whether the vehicle is fully at rest, vehicle power requirements and so on. A green 'ECO' symbol on the dashboard lights up when the engine is shut down by the system.

    Having come to a halt and shut down the engine, the Intelligent Stop/Start system is able to restart smoothly in less time than it takes for the driver's foot to release the brake pedal and depress the accelerator. It does so by utilising a Twin Solenoid Starter (TSS) mechanism that features its own secondary battery to ensure that in-car systems requiring power are not affected. The unique advantage of the TSS system is that it is able to restart the engine even while it is still in its run-down phase, allowing for 'change of mind' functionality, for instance if the car is coming to a halt at a junction but then a gap in traffic appears.

    Source: Jaguar press

  • Audi Luxury Car Hire

    Audi is one among the owned and operated subsidiaries of Volkswagen company. The company logo of the Audi car contains 4 rings which stand for one among the 4 automobile company which supports in the production of the car. As being one of the greatest luxurious car, we just provide the opportunity to those people who really can afford to travel in this great car. Audi is the a part of “German big 3” luxurious automakers.

    Audi luxury cars are believed to be the image of classic, sophistication and luxurious. Therefore, our rental car company offers you an option to travel in various types of this car. A few of the existing versions are Audi A4, Audi A4 1.8T, Audi 2.0 TDI, Audi A6 ( Sedan ), Audi A6 3.0 FSI, Audi A8, Audi Q7, and so on. All of these cars are designed for the people who are capable of getting travelled in this.

    Trendy appearance

    Among the most significant reasons for providing Audi cars to our executive class customers is its up class display. It is really a synthesis of capabilities, power and style. Our rental car company offers you the simplest way of relishing your vacations or business trip in such a fantastic high quality car. The drivers have been offered to you, which are usually perfectly managed professionals who will not make any type of trouble with their customers.

    Audi cars focus on the motto of “advancement through technology”. This brand name has created the technological innovation in the marketplace. Audi’s car engine is recognized for its performance, credibility, torque and acceleration. This company has various built-in features which have been likely proven to impress their clients or customers. Our company will provide you with the opportunity to really like this great car.

    As a result , if you wish to really enjoy this car, go on and rent it by completing the enquiry form finally get your reservation done.

  • Rent a Luxury BMW with Carsedge

    Carsedge Rental Cars provides a great deal of BMW rentals across the Chennai and Tamil Nadu. Carsedge also gives various different BMW version models such as BMW convertible car, sports cars, BMW SUVs along with other versions. Carsedge generally provides the latest vehicles in its category with a commitment of your rental car never ever being used than twelve months old.

    Hire a BMW Car: really enjoy an Excellent Luxurious Car without actually owning it!

    If you would like to rent a BMW for a day or so, you could simply hire a BMW from Carsedge. There are various good reasons and benefits that bmw rentals can give you with, which are the following:

    Competitive Price – While buying a BMW could easily cost you a lot of money, when you hire a BMW, you don’t need to pay that much but you still could possibly get the experience of a life-time.

    Terrific Condition – The BMW rentals are kept in terrific condition and appear as attractive as new. For the reason that several famous persons, artists, and diplomats rent a BMW car hire for special events.

    Instant Training – If you would like to hire BMWs, Carsedge can give you with a brief training course to acquaint you with the top features of the vehicle. A BMW car hire is always a luxurious vehicle and not everybody can travel it, this is the reason why it is actually a sensible move by many car rental suppliers to provide a brief training before providing their BMW rental cars.

    Status Symbol – A car rental BMW will always be a BMW, which will certainly represent a status symbol whenever you travel it to all of your party or social gathering.

    At Carsedge Rental Cars you have got the choice to hire various kinds of BMW models. Travel in fashion with a BMW from Carsedge Rental Cars.

    BMW 3 Series

    This sleek more luxurious sedan has long been leading the industry for nearly 3 decades for a good reason. The BMW 3 Series shows improvements each and every year and is guaranteed to provide you a memorable car rental experience.

    BMW 5 Series

    The BMW brand name is well-known for the high quality and performance of its luxury cars so the 5 Series version stands for this very well indeed. With much more strong set up and bigger than its little brother, the 3 Series, this vehicle will certainly deliver the ease and comfort for its travelers and exciting for anyone who rides it.

    BMW X3

    This premium quality SAV was always getting awards since its launching back in 2003. The BMW X3 provide a lot of room, top quality and power. Carsedge is delighted to provide this amazing vehicle in its fleet.

    BMW X5

    The BMW brand name is very well known for the combination of luxury and functionality available in its cars and the X5 is not a different. This elegant Sports Activity Vehicle(SAV) provides significant amount of room while maintaining a sporty style and design and its features are the most impressive in the industry.

    *Carsedge can not guarantee you to definitely get a BMW car rental, however you would be able to receive the equivalent car in a similar preferred rental car category.

  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class Rental

    The E-Class has become a significant make and model of Mercedes-Benz collection both equally in Indian and global marketplaces. Introduced for the very first time during the 1950s, the luxury car, from the time when its release, has provided an excellent service to elite category of the people in various areas of the world because of its luxuriousness. There is certainly nothing more difficult than the challenge of face-lifting this splendid car and Mercedes-Benz has properly stayed up for this job by getting about 2000 great picked parts and components into the new E-Class not just to make it an excellent much more beautiful package for its clients and also to come up with a strong message to its Germany based competitors.

    Powertrain & Performance

    A couple of powerful and efficient engines with excellence built within their DNAs show up to impress clients simply by their strong drives. The 2143 cc, 4-cylinder, in-line diesel engine makes use of standard rail injection technology, piezo injectors and turbocharger to produce a elegant result. With the highest power of 201.15 bhp @ 4200 rpm and the highest torque of 500 Nm @ 1600-1800 rpm the engine can easily let the luxury car to fly through roads with great authority. The version has a 1991 cc, 4-cylinder engine which adopts variable valve control technology to optimise consumption while turbochargers boost the power and torque delivered from the engine. The maximum power rated for this motor is 181 bhp @ 5500 rpm and the peak torque is 300 Nm @ 1200-1400 rpm. With these engines the car can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 7-8 seconds.

    The enhanced engines require not just a simple gearbox to overtake other versions in its category. The 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission couples with the engines properly to produce high-quality performance. Shift paddle on the steering-wheel helps the drivers determine the gears at any time when needed. The DIRECT CONTROL suspension system is effective at changing the damping level in shock absorbers to enhance drive quality regardless of the road condition.

    Build & Styling

    Mercedes-Benz properly amalgamates command, integrity and appeal in its E-Class to bring it out as being one of the extremely gorgeous cars on road. The front side bumpers with its bold edges along with the 2-louvre chrome grille with the Mercedes-Benz tri-star company logo sparkling on the nose produces lovable attribute into the excellent saloon. The headlamps be prominent in the whole car mainly because of the exclusive design and style of its LED while alloy wheels, windows with chrome lining and also character lines keep up its integrity. At the backside, the LED tail lamps and chrome trimmed exhaust mufflers provide a unique identity for this car.

    The interior furnishing of the elegant wagon needed to be quite a lot different than other levels of competition for a Mercedes-Benz and therefore the automobile marque has chose to pick components and equipment cautiously while constructing the cabin of E-Class. Be it the fabrication of leather material for upholstery along with other parts which include steering wheel, or the inclusion of equipment similar to memory seats along with a powerful music system, the car without doubt floors travellers for the luxuriousness at offer. THERMOTRONIC air conditioners with various cooling areas will make the space cosier and there is certainly a backside entertainment system with TFT screens to enjoy travellers.

    The luxurious wagon gives importance to life above what all luxurious and hence it integrates several advanced equipment like airbags, ATTENTION ASSIST, ADAPTIVE BRAKE, ESP and Intelligent Light System features. All of these systems work while doing the run so when an accident takes place to secure travellers for all possible ways. The Intelligent Light System is an entertaining feature which will work as per the needs of various roads to give proper illumination.

  • Honda Accord Luxury Car Hire Services

    Just remember the 1st Honda Accord which was launched in India? It came up with demure and also unexciting appearance. The Honda Accord that entered there after one has of course been quite appealing. The huge triangular headlamps make the front end appearance complicated however the heavy-looking behind is incongruous with the strong front side. Even now, the Honda Accord is designed to attract eyes of everyone, be it an older people or an youngster. It is really bold and brash, a function frock that you are going to definitely display at the disco.

    Inside, it is actually a different story as a whole. When you accommodate your-self on that armchair of a car seat which you get, you realize that it’s a pleasing, airy ambiance that surrounds. Center system is extremely a great looking aspect; the smartly laid-out dashboard has got a sleek, plush feel to it along with the instrument binnacle is simple to read and also extensive. There are lots of cubby holes which can be definitely a benefit while going for a longer distance ride, that you will since the Accord is much more of a cruiser. The seating at front side are big, broad and well-bolstered but offer modest lumbar support whereas the backside pales in comparison with the Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata owing to its actual low height and also inadequate under-thigh support.

    There are 2 engines out there and both are powerful impressive. The base 2.4-litre four-pot engine comes with variable every thing which is bent towards the delivering very good torque at lower revs to help city riding and providing much better fuel efficiency figures but also has bucket lots of power on top end to continue to keep overall performance freaks happy. The V6 is designed for the purists. There are 2 transmissions to pick from for the 2.4-litre model: a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed automatic whereas the V6 carries the auto tranny as standard. In case provided, we are going to take the manual everytime rather than just because the manual is designed for enthusiasts, however simply because the automatic would seem just a bit slow to respond and will not get into sync with the car’s over-all sporty instinct. For an engine this mad, the fuel efficiency is agreeable. With the manual, you have to get around 8.5kpl in the city limits and 12kpl during high-way speeds. The automatic would return 7kpl and 11kpl in the city limits and on the high-way respectively. The V6 of course is unhappy in the fuel efficiency section. We suspect you could get more than 7kmpl on the average with this, however once again, the design of that car engine making you rev it to the limit of mechanical tolerances, therefore fuel mileage should have affected, right?

    The Honda Accord is a car which can make possible speeds almost 200kmph quite easily. The controlling is definitely nice and the drive quality over damaged roads is smooth and well-damped. The steering also is fairly simple for ordinary usage. But when you bury the throttle and the needle gets to the mad side of the speedo, the steering begins to feel easy and even feeble. Not good.

    Honda Accord is being, ever since its release, the best D-segment sedan in India. Moreover it is one of the well price tagged kinds, simply because honestly, the luxury cars which can hold a candle to the Honda Accord are the Toyota Camry and Hyundai Sonata Embera. The previous is too expensive, the other simply not as good. The Honda Accord has just about everything going for it: supermodel design, stylish cabin, sophistication, overall performance, vibrant ability, every thing will make it a car to get, in case you’ve got the lots of money. The modern, eighth-generation Honda Accord is just out there, but we believe this seventh-gen model even now seems far better!

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